About Us


We are specialists in IT human resources profile research, we find the perfect candidate for your company for any technology in a perfect timing.

More than a partner

We provide you additional services to help your company in other level in human resources services, we can help to your company to expand services in Spain, we can offer you the next services

  • Coworking space with meeting room
  • Virtual office (with virtual address)
  • Local numbers & technical support
  • Virtual call center

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Why Choose Us?

  • Reduce your Time, Money and Effort. Our experts will help you to find the candidate you need an affordable price.

  • More than outsourcing. We provide you of everything you company needs to work in Spain (Legal, financial and technical support).

  • Your office in Spain. You have our facilities at our service

  • Employees happy Company happy. Your employees will have everything that they need to be happy (Competitive salary, facilities, support,...)

  • Active Candidate Database, we have a database of posible candidates for your company.

  • Our talent hunters will help you to find the perfect candidates for your company where ever they are.